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More recent

A New Generation Nourishes its Inner Boomer, The New York Times, 2022
Vacationing 101 for those who have forgotten how, The New York Times, 2022
Tripping down the aisle, The Cut, 2022
Fashion finds its place at Frieze Los Angeles, Business of Fashion, 2022
The evolving fashion-cannabis playbook, Business of Fashion, 2022
Weed’s last taboo: pregnancy, The Cut, 2022
Please don’t tell me ‘It’s not Covid’ while coughing in my face, The New York Times, 2021
The tasty chemicals flavoring the cannabis boom, Popular Science, 2021
The Piglet cookbook contest judgement, Food52, 2019

Quartz, 2014-2020

Cannabis at a Crossroads
The transformation economy
The vaping invasion

The future of fitness is at home
A spiritual retreat actually transformed me
Marianne Williamson is campaigning with the language of self-help and spirituality
Does CBD actually work?
In the age of luxury cannabis, it’s time to talk about Drug War reparations
How to eviscerate your enemies with words, by Jeff Bezos
The next big thing in marijuana won’t get you high
Everyone needs to relax about the boot-cut jean reboot
Melania trump’s colonial fashion statement should surprise absolutely no one
Rather than overspending on your wedding, why not just get it #sponsored?
history of aspiration, from socrates’ “luxurious state” to instagram envy
Hippies are the new hipsters
Thermomix, the magical German do-it-all kitchen appliance, is here to conquer America
Intravenous hydration drips, celebrity healers, and crystal therapy: Inside the very first Goop summit
Hillary Clinton’s husband wore a fetching pantsuit to honor her nomination for US president
Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook: Solid recipes, even better sweater porn
Would you propose with a diamond grown in a lab?
The do’s and don’ts of cultural appropriation
Fashion is now manufacturing Instagrammable moments
Skip the rosé: These refreshing summer wines are ancient, complex, and “orange”
The greatest Christmas movie ever stars a Muppet otter, and you can watch it right now
How I found feminism in Isla Vista

Less recent

New York Fashion Week reviews,, 2014
Party reports, New York Magazine, 2011-2014
Reviving the general store, the Wall Street Journal, 2014
Open letter: Resurrect J.Crew’s perfect scoop-back swimsuit, New York Magazine, 2013 (postscript: They did.)
The next generation of personal shoppers, the Wall Street Journal, 2013
A guide to the best baby gifts, the Wall Street Journal, 2013
The night I ate raccoon, coyote, and bobcat with Baron Ambrosia, First We Feast, 2013
My week wearing Great Gatsby-era makeup, The Cut, 2013
Free-range fur, Vice, 2012
Tuck it all in there, Vice, 2012
Beach house blueberry muffins, Gourmet, 2012